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Latest Release: 0.1.8

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APL is a general purpose C++ template class library.
  • All the code is placed in header files, so no compilation is required. You just have to #include the header file.
  • The classes are implemented using Policy Based Design. When you use the class you decide how it should behave.
  • Includes rich set of routines working with
    • file systems
    • sockets
    • threads
    • mutexes
    • internet protocols
    • networks
    • various parsers (including XML)
    • databases
    • process management
    • and much more...
  • Platform and compiler independent.
The following is a sample code for reading the file contect into std::string class:
std::string content ; apl::AFile<> file ; file.load("file.dat",content) ;


Latest version:

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For article about Policy Based Design and its implementation please visit Policy Based Design
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Andre Mirzoyan